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Focusing on the Residents' strengths and abilities, the Forget Me Not program was developed to provide supervision and diversion for residents who have dementia with challenging behaviours.

Consistent Personal Service Workers trained in dementia care work during the afternoon and evening customizing activities to address residents' interests. Meaningful, pleasurable activities include 1:1 time, supervised ambulation, group baking, painting, crafts, games and music. They consider the residents' past talents like gardening and knitting and offer them opportunities throughout the home's property.

As part of the duty, supervising staff set program goals and develop appropriate interventions.

Successes are reported to the quality improvement committee and result in less anxiety, agitation or depression, the promotion of independence, safe accompanied mobility, fall prevention, least restraint and most importantly resident smiles and satisfaction.

The program is flexible and directed to meet specific resident needs. It is evaluated at 3 months and as needed.

The other nursing home residents benefit from receiving more individual care when the Forget Me Not staff help to manage care for the dementia residents.

Residents are referred to the Forget Me Not program with criteria set out to determine if the resident will enjoy it.



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